Bishops Frome Village Centre

Herefordshire Village Venue

Bishops Frome Village Centre

The Committee (Trustees)


Jeanie Falconer



Bounce Fitness                    

Lorrayne Heath

07427 690055   or via      


Learn to Jive                      

Matt or Sarah  01989 750354



Tony Davis              

01885 490394


David Veale                

01885 490316

Bookings Secretary  

Wendy Roberts          

01885 490327              


Eve Eaton, Isabel Aitken, David Preece,    Charlie Russell, Anthony Morel    


Wendy Roberts                          

01885 490327                    

Lunch Club                        

Joan Rose                                  

01531 640587        

Internet Cafe                      

Isabel & Robin Aitken                

01531 640981        

Needlecraft Group            

Beryl O'Farrell                            

01531 640359      

Kick Boxing                        

Kathryn Smith  

07495 427993                  

Pilates Thursday am                  

Pam Witt

Bishops Frome

Friday Friends Playgroup                

Contact Tracy 07985  610689

or  via


Anthony Scott                                      

07977 463829

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The next meeting of the Committee will be held in the Conference Room on

Thursday 1 March at 7pm.


Volunteers, to help or to join the Committee, are always welcome.